Stuff to eat and drink in Providence


Another grad student’s big list of food, art, music, theater, and other fun stuff to do in and around Providence


A huge compendium of advice for economists, from applying to PhD programs to being department chair (and everything in between) – NOTE: this is the cached version, the original post has disappeared


Advice for:

Graduate students in economics

“Lost” graduate students in economics

Discouraged mid-level graduate students in development

People aspiring to be graduate students in economics (particularly in development)

People who want to do development work


Good places to get work done in Providence that aren’t my office:


On campus

– Hay Library

– Archaeology Department 2nd floor

– Campus Center 2nd floor, Leung Family Gallery (bring earplugs)

– Sciences Library (7th floor and above have great views, particularly looking south – turn right out of the elevators)

– The Rock, i.e. The Rockefeller/Main library (grad cluster on 2nd floor; absolute quiet room on level A)

– Watson Institute Library (bring a sweater…seriously)


Off campus

The Shop at Fox Point

Dave’s Coffee

Bolt Coffee

– Providence Athanaeum

– RISD library

– Starbucks in Wayland Square

– Starbucks at the Biltmore

– Small Point Cafe

– Seven Stars Bakery

– Blue State Coffee

– Coffee Exchange

– Wildflour Bakery

– White Electric Coffee


Advice from:

Samuel Beckett (hat tip to Sam Brown in the Brown econ department for turning me on to this)

Leonard Bernstein

Haruki Murakami


Bertrand Russel

Kurt Vonnegut